Higher Delight

by Faux Fleurs

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released November 27, 2015

all songs sung and written by rebekah michel, except for track 12, which was a cover of "another one" by mac demarco. composed, produced, and mixed by pranesh kamalakanthan.
artwork by rebekah michel. recorded in two cozy lil rooms.



all rights reserved


Faux Fleurs Raleigh, North Carolina

an electro dream pop project featuring pranesh kamalakanthan and rebekah michel.

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Track Name: Dive
i don't even want to stay
but i'll die trying anyway.
it'll never get me there
despite what i do,
but stopping i cannot bare.

i just wanna lay in bed,
but thoughts of such waste would fill my head.
leave me in your wake with ease
while you're sleeping
and i'll pay all the fees.

diving head first when there is no water
trying to move, i just dig my grave farther.

crying your eyes of or leaving them dry,
it doesn't matter, no one will comply.
follow each other in and out,
either way you'll both still be in doubt.

leave me be but please don't go,
there's so much you need to but cannot know.
i really want to tell you all,
but nothing is big
and this must stay real small.
Track Name: Strange(r)
i miss the way you used to talk
i miss the way you used to smile when you walked
i miss the way we used to love
i miss the way you looked at all the doves

now you look different to me baby
you just cry on your knees and plea
i still don't get why you've been acting so strangely
you keep screaming in my face "it's bad don't you see?"

you miss the way i used to call
you miss the way i used to get up when i'd fall
you miss the way i'd stand so tall
you miss the way i used to get so enthralled

but something changed baby.
but i think it was me.
Track Name: Uncomfortable
i can't move an inch,
but you can,
i know that you can.

i always feel that itch,
but you don't,
i know that you won't.

my knees are buckling
from standing still so long.
the way you look at me
just makes me feel so wrong.

and in this life
well, i just know i don't belong.
Track Name: Voodoo
it's something i don't want,
but i just can't say no.
i know you will haunt me,
but i still can't go.

all this is hurting me,
but that's something you know.
i'm writhing, i'm screaming,
but you're loving the show.
Track Name: Thinking of What to Say and Whether or Not to Say It
i'm so tired of it,
i wish i'd go away,
but when i try to make it
it'll only stay.

you bite your nails
when i tell you what i do.
i wanted you to care,
but i regret telling you.

the hardest part of living this way
is wondering if you'll give me the time of day.
Track Name: Puddle Wanderer
drifting through the ocean
and feeling when the waves crash on me.
in the midst of the commotion
is truly where i feel the most free.

when i go home and sleep
i can still feel the rocking of the sea.
like how your warmth seeps
through my clothes after you leave.

i'm not in the water long
so i'm not able to get much deeper.
i didn't have time to feel its calm
and it has become the grim reaper.

i just want to get to know you better;
where the sun is hotter, the tears a wetter.
Track Name: Prize
your love's not what i want it to be,
it's so curiously
for me.

you want me because then i'd be yours,
i'd be something more
that you
can keep.

i'm nobody,
i'm no one,
just another
prize to be won.

one and done;
just for fun.
Track Name: Shadow
i feel something above my head
lurking, it follows me to my bed.
crawls under the sheets
until our hands meet
breathing hot wisps of cool air on my lips.

i can't see it
but i feel my heart pounding on my ribs.
i still feel it
hands about to grab my hips.

i am distrustful of mirrors
because it's a reflection of my fears.
Track Name: Value Less
if i mean everything to you
and nothing to me
it doesn't matter
Track Name: Empty Mirror
i'm what everyone else
wants me to be.